Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HEP (Healthy Eating Plan)

Quick update...
Week one started off awesome! I did great ALL week... until we went out of town. I decided not to pack my own food, but to go with the flow of it and when I could to eat on-plan. When I had decisions to make, I made good ones. For the first time, I ate two consecutive meals at fast food places and got healthy salads! (grimace) Pretty soon I'll figure out what places to go to and what to avoid. Now it's a new week! This week will have it's own challenges, with two Birthdays to celebrate! I'm also running low on our green drink mix, so I'm looking for what to do about that. Get a new one? Stick with the old? hmmmmm.... One thing about this HEP, it is time consuming. I feel like I spend so much longer in the kitchen! Hopefully that will balance out! That's it for now... I'm off to go grocery shopping!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Changes. Sometimes you just have to!

You know when you know you need to do something, but you don’t want to, but you know it’s important, but that still doesn’t make it easier? That’s me! That’s me with our food. I know what’s right. I know what to do. I know how to do it. I just don’t want to.

Well… It’s time. God has given me many “red flags” over the last three weeks. It’s time. So here we go… on yet another adventure! There are specific things I want to accomplish with this Healthy Eating Plan (HEP). (Details to follow) My wonderful readers, this is where you come in… If you have any advice, I would be oh-so-happy to listen read it. If you need any advice, I will offer what limited knowledge I have and research with you to find the best response!

“Kimberly, WHAT are the specifics?!” you ask.
Since you asked so bluntly… Here is the short version:
1. We need to regain our health!
2. I need healing of my scar tissue and rebuilding of healthy tissue. (see post)
3. Attention issues for (some of our) kids.
4. We did it before, and it worked!
5. To reduce the amount of medications our family takes.
6. I feel like God is calling me to do this out of obedience. (Gulp!)

“Kimberly, WHAT is the PLAN?”
Great question! I’m still trying to figure that one out! But here is what it is at this point:
1. Reduce the sugar intake. ALL sugar! That includes anything WHITE (flour, sugar, pasta, bread…).
2. Incorporate more TRUE grains.
3. Replace junk with fruits and veggies.
4. Go organic on as much as our budget will allow.
5. Start each morning with a green drink for the whole family.
6. Supplements and vitamins!
7. All of us are now packing a healthy lunch! (NO MORE CAFETERIA!)
8. I (just me) am cutting out yeast for a few weeks. (sigh)
9. Oh yeah…. I even cut out my coupla times a week glass of wine… (double sigh)

***So as to not be called out for torturing my kids… I am allowing them to have ONE piece (Ok… sometimes two) of Halloween candy AFTER ALL homework is completed and rooms are picked up! Man, you should see how quickly the rooms get done!

I had hoped to get this out BEFORE we actually started the HEP, but was too busy looking up articles and cutting fruit.
We are now on DAY 2!

Kids have responded very well. They all came home from school yesterday SO HUNGRY! Only because they didn’t like the fruit choices… or couldn’t open the containers… or didn’t eat because kids were teasing (WHAT?!) But they LOVED the sandwiches! Even on the ww (stone ground) bread! So… I let them pick out a few more things for their lunches today. They had a switch-a-roo on the fruits I had packed and got out some cheese and Peanut butter to dip the carrots and apples in. GO KIDS! I am also going to add nuts to the lunches. What really makes me smile: They LOVE the smoothies! Even though they are green! This morning they asked if I would PLEASE make one EVERY morning! And when I passed out the lunches and supplements, I almost cried! I got hugs and “I love you, mom!” THE DEAL IS SEALED! This IS worth it!

As for me… I had a great day one! Only had one bout of grouchies… but that was probably due to the fact that some of the kids were messing around when I was driving. Ok, I was still in the parking lot, but I had a rough driving day. Earlier that day… I hit a dog. With my car. In front of the owner’s mom. Dog’s ok! (I really don’t see how! It was a big bump for a little bitty dog.) That right there qualifies it as a chocolate or wine kind of day! Then later that night, there was the moment when Kevin was looking at the HUGE mound of candy and really wanting to eat some, they all begin to discuss chocolate. In front of me. I ordered everyone OUT of the kitchen with the words “NO one should stand in the way of a woman and her chocolate!” Kevin did his famous laugh and promised to not talk about candy in front of me. What an understanding husband! And no… I did not have ANY! So day one closes as a success!