Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coupon codes for photo books!

I know it's not me to stray from traditional scrapbooking, but when you are as behind as I am now... Sometimes it helps! I have come across some savings and would love to share them with you. They are about up, so you need to act fast!

Picaboo is offering a buy one - get one FREE classic photo book. The down side is that it is the SAME EXACT book that you get free. This is a father's day promo. I ordered one of their books and LOVE it. Some of the best quality in photo books I have seen. Coupon code: BGFJUN and it ends June 15th.

Snapfish has a buy one - get one FREE photo book. The cool thing is that it does not have to be the same! COOL! The down side, I'm not that crazy about snapfish quality. But I'll take what I can get for FREE without too much complaining! And those of you who know me, know I can be a picture snob. I like quality. I don't like blurs or grainy. Yes, I like savings even more! Just sayin'! Almost forgot: Coupon code: GRADBOOKS and it ends June 14th (I also heard it ends June 11th, so not sure. I'll check on it.)

So... if you don't hear of me for a few days, I'll be making 3 photo books! WOOO HOOOO!

Now, which ones should I do.... hmmm.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Day of School!

This year, this has a whole new meaning! Last day for the summer or last day for... ????
Watching the kids so excited about the last day and excited about the little things... getting to watch movies at school, eating popcorn in the classroom, taking their shoes off...
at first I was a bit sad, thinking about how much FUN they are having and I am "taking" that away.
Then I realize...
I can continue the joy in the little things, not just at the end of the school, but ALL the time!!!!!!!!!

Monthly Movie Day!
Popcorn and Popsicles!
Soda for Subtraction!
(and you know, we do NOT give our kids soda at home, so that would be a HUGE treat!)

What is on my mind now is the layout of our new schoolroom. Any suggestions? Websites for ideas? Blogs that give tips?
I'm going to give the girls some graph paper and see what they design. I want to take something from each girl and design a great space. (That doesn't cost much at all.)

Last day of school! WOOO HOOO!