Friday, December 18, 2009

Letters to Santa

(I was going to take pics of all the letters, but #1, ran out of batteries, and #2, the spelling was attrocious atrocious! I only left a few words spelled wrong so you get the hint! One of the gifts I've already purchased is a spelling kit from Hooked on Phonics. Shhhh, don't tell on that one, I'm they would be very disappointed to find that little secret out!)
Dear Santa, I would like a lot of art stuff, and more things to put my stuff in, baby dolls, and and webkins I don't have much I would like a different project runway, mony, a micerphone, a gutar, a world map, a cabage patch kid. Roller stakes and jwerly
This is all so far that I'm to going to do so far.
Love Evelyn
To: Santa Clause (picture of Santa)
Love: Amber Vogel (picture of Amber)
All I want for Christmas is..................
Dear Santa Clause,
All I want for Christmas is my teeth to grow in good, but that is not what I want most. The thing I want for Christmas is Precious Moment stuffed animal and cake decorating stuff. I would also like a DSI and Carier and Games. Please give me money too. I would also like more books. I want a kitten for Christmas to but my mom is alrgeak (allergic) to kittens. I want a cudly animal pillow. A cell phone so I won't have to use the school phone for DI. A labtop (laptop!) so I can do reasch on it and asiments (assignments). I want a pair of Tvs that can play Blueray and Tv shows.
Love, Amber Vogel
Dear Santa,
What I want for christmas is a bike and money to get stuff for my dsi. I want lego kits and a guitar hero guitar. I want dsi games and jewlery from james avery. I want a cell phone and a laptop. I want for it to snow in Tennesse, and a dsi starter kit (blue). I want for me not to have to ride the bus. I want wii games.
Love, Emily
Yes, they are shooting high this year. This year, the national news, or better yet, the White House, needs to do a news special on how the economy is even impacting Santa and that gifts will be smaller this year, however, that does not mean kids have been even better behaved than in years past.
I wonder if Santa knows which pig pillow Angela has in mind... and where to get it. The elves are probably scrambling right now! Evelyn needs some punctuation! Santa, dental concerns top my list too, I hope you can pull that one off! I'm sure a laptop would help Amber's spelling! And Santa, this mom would SURE like to have someone pick Emily up from school everyday so she wouldn't have to ride the bus! That jab hits the heart!
What are YOU asking Santa for this year?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yes, it's been awhile

Life gets crazy busy at times... and this is one of those times. I haven't forgotten about this blog, just taking a little break. After the holidays, I will be up and running with it again. And yes, we've also taken a little break from the HEP. We will be up and running with it in Jan. See you then! Have a safe and happy Holidays!