Friday, February 19, 2010

My fuse is short

It's hard to hear...
It's even harder to admit...
I've talked about how I'm serving at church, I've upped my work hours, I'm currently doing several girl scouts projects (anyone want to buy any cookies? My living room is filled with them!) and then there are the other curve-balls life throws (sometimes way-too-hard) at you. I've never claimed to be superwoman. Except... to my kids, still waiting to see if they've caught on or not. JUST KIDDING! I make sure they know it's not ok for people to behave like I do at times... And right now is one of those times.
You know... the quick fuse, the being pulled in so many directions I'm surprised I'm not walking sideways, the "I'm too tired to clean up!" (that comes from me, not the kids this time), the falling asleep when I sit down instead of putting the kids to bed, the feeling like a bad mommy starts becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, the ... um... yeah. That's me. I was wondering today WHY my kids were yelling at each other so much. Then I heard myself. UGH.
Some of you right now are being a little quick to judge. Yeah, you know who you are! The truth is... we all have our stressful times. When you see the reflection in the mirror, what do you do?
I'm going to step back. Start with the simple things.
Ever since Christmas, my kids have started asking me to get them up early in the morning. That has seriously cut into my Bible reading and prayer. But let's be honest... Even when I'm the only one up, if my eyes close, it's cause I'm sleeping... know what I mean???
What is my plan? Thanks for asking!
Back to my DAILY QTs.
I really want to use music as a calming mood change.
Then, when the fuse is quickly going... take a step back. and breathe. I've been holding my breathe for a while now...
God has been growing me a lot lately. I need to rest in Him.

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Sandra Kozlowski said...

Music is a powerful tool. We all have those short fuses...I could not imagine being a mother to FOUR girls. You need to get daily sparkplugs....oil changes...super unleaded fuel....