Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

13 years! Our marriage is now in it's teenage years! Beware! Sappy love note follows...
My dear Kevin, You are the love of my life. When we got married, I had unrealistic expectations. Through the years I have learned more... about love... about living... about you. This year, the biggest lesson was having ears for what you say and not listening to the voices of others. It's one I'm still learning. This year I have also learned to be comfortable where I am. And I am... comfortable and content. I am happy with you.

After long days at work you come home and are so willing to help. The yard work, helping in the kitchen, the occasional housework... You even walk the dog. Faithfully! You are incredible with the kids. Our girls adore you so much! What an example of love you show them. In how you treat them, your little ladies, and how you treat me! I am so proud of the role you take in their lives.

You have grown so much since we married, 13 years ago! You bring laughter to our house! You are great at listening to me. And you (usually) know just what to say... and what NOT to say! Even during times we have struggled, You have always shown me what is important... your faith, your faithfulness to us and our family, your loyalty, your passion and your love. Your love for me shows through in all you do... I love you more now than ever.

I am so proud to call you... my best friend, my husband!

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