Friday, August 21, 2009

Letting go

It might have been at the street corner, in the middle of the kitchen, leaning across the car, or in the bright and colorful doorway. But it happened. Many of us said goodbye to our kids as they started school. Some of us may have had tears. Some of us may have hidden our delight. Some may have been so rushed that there was no time for emotion. Ready or not, school started, and it’s time to let go a little more.
As your hands loosen their grip a bit and you take a step or two back, keep your eyes forever watchful and your heart open and full. Our kids need us now more than ever as the outside seeps its way in. When we’ve made a little progress in letting go, we see more ways they are asking for it. “Mom, can I ride my bike to school?” “You can pick me up, but does anyone have to see you?” “ I go potty by myself.” “I can do it!” In the early years, one of the first signs of independence is when they become mobile.
As they learn to crawl, notice how it seems they crawl away from you more than to you. From that point on, the steps they take carry them farther away from us and closer to the outside world.
No matter what age they are by your side, hold them close and teach them. But mostly - love them. When the time comes for you to loosen that grip a little, it is love that will carry them (and you) through.


nuckingfutsmam said...

This post rings so true to my feelings right now as my twins are getting ready to start FIRST GRADE next week! Your comment about how they crawl "away" from you rather than toward you brought tears to my eyes. I am so sad to let them go little by little -- I wish I could just bottle them up as they are now and keep them forever. Motherhood is so rewarding, but it rips your heart out at the same time.

Denise said...

OMG. This post made me cry. You would think by the time you move your 23 year old (to Colorado) like I did this past week you would so be over "letting go"!

Bills Family said...

Great stories! My girls dress with the same fashion eye!!!