Sunday, May 17, 2009

Field day fun!

Field Day this year was a BLAST! The school had made some changes, the most notably that it was only a half day instead of a full day. I feel bad that the kids didn't get as long to play... but it worked out really well. There was less down time, less water activities, less standing around waiting for your turn. I know the kids missed the water activities, but not having as much time waiting for your turn on the races was nice. Also, the classes worked together instead of everything being a competition. It worked great! The only thing I would change is to still have classes compete against each other in the tug of war! Some competition is ... healthy... and fun! As a mom, I enjoyed watching my kids interact with others. It was great to walk the hallways and run into a different child's class! When Angela's class was walking from music, we ran into her and her teacher was more than happy to let us snap this sister snapshot!

I saw families together! In one class, the teacher had her whole family there and they all got into the activities. It was wonderful to see her older "real life kids" play with her "at school kids"! It also worked out for part of my family to be together. On Friday Emily had her field day in the morning and I checked her out so she could stay there for Evelyn's. I LOVED seeing my kids cheering each other on! I also checked out Emily's bff and they had a great time. They both helped so much, by the end of field day, they were even helping the teachers!

Yes... field day sure was fun this year! It was my first year to NOT have a toddler running around... and last year I didn't make any because I was working. By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, we were all exhausted! Especially me...
Stay tuned this week as I post pics of each kid's field day!
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Kristie said...

AHHH! Emily and Evelyn look so much older! Angela just looks longer... It's been too long since we've seen yall!