Saturday, May 23, 2009

Question Time!

It's a little box... the pencil keeper kind you can buy for $1 or less. Inside there are long, thin strips of paper that have words on them. Nothing special... so it seems. That little, seemingly insignificant box has become to my family a treasure box filled with all kinds of insight! On the pieces of paper are questions. Simple questions. Silly questions. Meaningful questions. Each night around the dinner table (yes, we eat EVERY night around the dinner table! as a family!...Ok, except for the rare monthly sometimes-once-a-week "easy does it" nights we have sandwiches or pizza...) after saying the mealtime prayer, a child takes turns asking the question. It has brought us much closer as a family. I've seen my kids grow in the way they've answered the questions... You see, we love it so much, we've gone through the box over 2 times! The girls came up with a method on folding the notes to know which ones we've read. We even do the questions when other people join us for dinner! We've done it so much, we need new questions! Do any of you have a book/game/question box of your own?

Where did we get the box? Good question! My sister, Karen, is a Mentor Mom with the MOPS program at her church. I (heart) MOPS! One of their craft activities was making this box. Since her kids are grown and (at the time) did not have kids of their own... she gave it to us... knowing I was a sucker for these things... and would use it faithfully... and I have! (OK... she also knows the DRAMA we have with 4 girls... and that we NEED something like this!) I hope other families have used it as much as we have! Ladies, have any of you gone through it 3 times??!! I would LOVE to hear from some of those MOPS moms!
In fact... I would LOVE to hear from anyone! Especially with stories of your own dinnertime conversations/traditions. You don't have any... well, I'm not giving up my special box! BUT you can find your own Around The Table activities over at Jolly Mom's blog where you can WIN one! Check it out! Keep the comments coming on what YOU do! I want to know! Also check out the comments, I'm going to ask my kids what they really think about question time and will post it in the comments!

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Kimberly said...

Amber: It was ok... great
Emily: It was something to think about
Evelyn: It was awesome
Angela: I loved it!

Confession: All of their responses are in PAST tense because we haven't done it since January... We need a NEW box!

Any ideas???? Leave me a comment!

The Ellenberg's said...

I love the idea - will try to work on something for our family! Thanks for posting!