Monday, May 4, 2009

A true lip gloss moment

On the "release day" of my blog, our household had one of those moments. A true lip gloss moment. No, we did not discover a new flavor or shade. No, we did not find lip gloss on sale. It was a not very good lip gloss moment. It was a moment that makes me want to BAN lip gloss from this house for ever a very looong time! What happened? That is not a question posed by an anal laundry mom um... a laundry queen, but by a mom who does not have small children. Yes... someone left their lip gloss in a pants pocket! And, if you follow me on twitter, you would know how I spent my day... doing laundry... and figuring out this blog. Note to self... next time you do laundry... check ALL pockets... and, come to find out... all other hidey-holes where creative girls can hide their lip gloss! What I find really interesting, NONE of the ruined clothes belonged to the culprit!

Anyone know how to get out lip gloss?

1 comment:

Sandra Kozlowski said...

Oh, yes. I have had SEVERAL of these same moments myself!!