Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In Memory

Today would have been the birthday of a dear friend. She died a year ago. This is a poem I wrote for her memorial...

My Butterfly

My Butterfly, I really believed you had wings.

You showed your beauty when you would laugh

And you soared when you would sing.

For you, movies is where it was at!

You were passionate about history and theater,

And don't forget about those cats!

The Lord knew your needs and heard you pray

Even when you were stuck in your cocoon

It was He that carried you all the way.

To others you were friendly and sweet.

Your friendship was loving and constant.

I know one day again we will meet.

Butterfly, now that you've stepped through Heaven's door

You will find peace that here you missed.

Unfurl those beautiful, butterfly wings, and SOAR!

Happy Birthday my friend!

Through her life I learned, but through her death God revealed even greater life truths...

In memory of Karen Ruth Bottoms

For those of you who also knew her... there is so much more to the story...

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