Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flower Mother's Day Card Part 2

Part 2
Please scroll down to the previous post, to see how to do the base of the card!
I had the kids sort out the flowers (yes, a good learning activity here!) then glue them together, careful to only glue the middle. {insert a lot of screaming and arguing here over who glued too much, who did not match the colors correctly, who kept matching them too well leaving no room for creativity, and one child sneaking away, catching on that they were only doing the dirty work for mom...}

Pick the prettiest to put little brads through (or wait till they are on the cards and use stick on jewels... which do not stay unused in this house! Let me know when they go on sale, someone, so I can stock back up! Thanks!) Then curl up the petals with a toothpick. (Confession: I searched the house to find something small to do this with and used something that did not work near as well. I learned this trick AFTER I made the cards and THEN watched the tutorial...)

Glue a layer of flowers on flat.

Put on the last layer of flowers.
Use your imagination (or some pretty paper that you cut with the flowerpot part of the original card base) to decorate the pot.
And just in case some a sneaky mom and mil peeked, I am not going to show the finished project! (ok... and I haven't finished it yet!)
Have fun being creative and crafty!
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