Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Evelyn's Debut in the Kitchen!

Kids in the Kitchen
I like to introduce my kids to working in the kitchen as soon as they have an interest. Last year I started teaching my older two how to cook and they helped with a few meals of their choosing. It was so popular that we decided to bring it back this summer and start teaching the younger girls too. Evelyn was so excited to be the first one to plan her meal!
She planned exactly what we would be having, made a grocery list, went grocery shopping (just the two of us!), cooked and cleaned! It was a great time to spend with her.
The lesson started with her learning how to use the can opener. The vegetable of her choice was green beans, her favorite!

Her main meal was tortellini with your choice of red or white sauce.
Both sauces were store bought and we heated them in the microwave in pretty glass bowls. We had forgotten garlic bread, but Dad came to rescue and stopped at the store on his way home! We also forgot about it in the oven... but mom took it out just in time!
Dessert was a huge hit! Strawberries and marshmallows dipped in white or dark chocolate! YUM!!

Now all the kids are planning what their meal will be!

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Sandra Kozlowski said...

Sierra has a couple cookbooks and she LOVES to cook. I have not done the whole planning a meal and going shopping together. I think we will plan this a lot this summer. Thanks for the idea!