Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free 8 x 10 photo! (and how it turned into $83 of savings!)

My husband says I have a sickness... I can not pass up a good deal. I've always been a stickler for good deals, my mother taught me well! Now that I've had to watch our finances oh-so-much-more I've gotten that-much-more pickier with my good deals. Back then (a whole 6 months ago) if I saved anything on items we were going to get anyway (musthaves) I walked away with a smile. Now, if it's not a savings of 50%, you'll probably find me pouting. (not really... I only pout with less than 25% savings on must-haves) In packing for a two week trip, I didn't think I would have a lick of time to save any... but... you can save lots with little time... even when you're running 'round all scatter brained! I'm proof of that!
My great deals this week!

I needed to run to CVS to take advantage of a Father's Day Photo special. If you enter a checkout code of FREE8x10 you will get a... FREE 8x10 photo! Also, I signed up as a new customer with my cvs card and will get 50 photos free! It took me 10 - 15 mins to look up what sales there were by going to Southern Savers! There were a few musthaves and my daughter wanted an itunes card so this is what I did and my savings...

Transaction #1:
2 Prilosec 42 ct
1 razor
1 itunes card ($15)
coupon for razor (-$4)
CVS sale prices (-8.44)
coupon for Prilosec (-$7)
CVS coupon when you spend $50 (-$10)
CVS ECB (-$2)
Spent $49.53
Saved 31.44
received ECB +14 (as if I saved $45)
Eligible for Flexible spending account total of $49.53.

Transaction #2
2 Dawn soap
4 Olay skin care
coupon for Dawn (-.25)
coupon for skin care (-1)
ECB (-10)
spent 18.09
saved 13.23
received ECB +11 (as if I saved 24)

*note I could have found more coupons and saved on the skin care and I could have made more transactions to use the other ECBs BUT I was in a hurry and distracted and didn't... note to self... do not let the fact the photo lab was down distract you from your savings! If any of you want to write up how I could have saved even more by re-working the transactions, I would love to hear your suggestions! I could have probably saved $10 - $15 more if I had done reworked things differently!

Value of items... $146
Total spent... $63
Total savings (with the 50 free prints)... $83 (57%)

I did get the photos... I called the 1 800 # and they rerouted them. They were so nice and helpful! But please note... they do not do the true digital size, so some pics (almost all in my case, but not the 8x10... ThankYouLord!) will be cut off. Can I just say one more time that talking to them was so nice it was refreshing! I love it when dealing with Customer service leaves me smiling!

What coupon sickness savings have you gotten excited about this week?

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