Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Favorite Summer Find!

This is our new favorite summer find... and it's FREE! Remember this? Free is good!

We love everything about this park! It is close by, less than five miles. From what I can tell, construction started on it around 2 years ago and the park is not yet very well known (it doesn't even show up on google earth yet!). So far, it has not been crowded at all. I hope it stays that way!
There are three sections, the first section has a pavilion, playground and a large grassy area all surrounded by a bike path that leads you to the second section which has a pond, dock and picnic tables. There is a walkway that leads across a street and to a third area which houses an aquatic center and another playground.

The plan is to have a "Pool, Picnic and Park Night" once a week. After the intense heat is over, our shoes stop trying to melt on the sidewalk and the day begins to cool, we will head up to the pool for a swim. A picnic will be packed and there will be fresh fruit to snack on as well as drinks. After the kids get their fill of swimming and hunger sets in, we will load up the car (if there is any room between the bikes, swim gear and change of clothes) and head to the park. Dad will hopefully meet us for the picnic... which will be followed by a bike ride to both of the playgrounds. As the sun is setting, we will head back to the car and home for bed for the now tired children...

That is the plan! So far we have had two evening spent this way and they were both nominated for best nights ever!

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Kristie said...

Aw! That looks great! Tell Amber I love her shirt!