Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh No! Mr. Bill!

Let me introduce you to our newest travelling companion... Do you know who he is?

Mr. Bill! Many of you remember him from the Saturday Night Live skits from the old days. Thank you, Aunt Karen, for the GREAT idea! My kids loved it when she started doing it on her trips. He became an instant friend. We got one for our family and started this game with him. You will see him in the backgrounds of many of our pictures.

Keep your eyes open!

You never know when he will pop up... or what he will be doing!

1 comment:

Kristie said...

OK, I was with you almost ALL week - when did you take that VERY COOL shadow Mr. Bill pic? Oh wait, I was away for half a day geocashing with very competitive men. Geesh! Anyway, Great Job, and Mr. Bill has been so much fun!